November has been & gone.

Well I’m behind with the blog posting again, November has been & gone!

I will try to keep this shorter, but so much happens so quickly one day I will find the time to write short posts more frequently.

So Mum flew in on her broomstick on Halloween & refuses to stay in her Granny Flat. It is the double aspect room or nothing for her.

While she was visiting we spent a very wet evening taking our 96kgs of olives to the traditional press, it does not seem a lot but to us it was such a precious evening as it is the first time we have done everything for ourselves. This has now turned into 12L of precious liquid.

Phil has turned his frozen grapes into 15L of slightly sparkling Dry Rose, thank you Caro for picking them in August.

My Portuguese was slowly improving helped along by a day out walking with Chester & some new Portuguese friends, unfortunately nearly 2 weeks back at work in the UK has reversed that trend.

Making friends with the guys in the village has been a boon, Papa brought his chain saw & turned the huge Eucalyptus in to manageable chunks. The wonderful Pedro then brought his log splitter & we now have a starter wood pile for this winter.

“The boys” Henrique & Jaoa are turning into quite a team, they have helped with strimming around the baby olive trees, brought the tractor & turned over my allotment.

Phil & the soon to be sainted Pedro has fenced it in – Yes we have wild boar in Our Garden & I do not propose learning how to grow veggies just to feed them.

The biggest achievement however has been the matriculation of Sergio the Suzuki; this was very stressful fighting bureaucracy & I would never recommend trying to do for yourself unless you have amazing friends who are native Portuguese with the patience of a saint. Salsa, Pedro, Vanessa without you, I think stress might have finished Phil off before we begin this adventure for real.


My birthday presents are now in full use, Be Ware of a Woman with a chain saw & a strimmer of her own.

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